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About Us

EXECUTIVE Property Management Residential Rentals Ltd are based in Ponsonby, Auckland and are a professional independent boutique property management company whose philosophy is to provide unparalleled service to and on behalf of our property owners. An important part of this philosophy is not being pushy or aggressive; we would rather build relationships with our property owners and tenants based on respect, trust, consideration, and give them the confidence that we have their best interests at heart.

EXECUTIVE Property Management Residential Rentals Ltd have the support of quality systems that enable them to deliver exceptional service based on professionalism and enthusiasm to get the job done.

With a sound knowledge of all relevant legislation, market procedures, and steady stream of potential tenants, EXECUTIVE Property Management Residential Rentals Ltd can handle the entire process for you. We will strive to ensure less stress, greater occupancy, quality tenants and ultimately greater returns for your investments.

We work to an industry code of ethics and the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and 2010 Amendments protecting and providing benefits to the Landlord and the Tenant.